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happy st. patrick day! March 17, 2008

Posted by sarah in General.
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happy st. partrick day. i writing in GREEN! *pinched* ouch! im was not wearing green today because i unfortualy forgot to wear green. ahaha. im in a fight with this girl. her name is samira. she hacked my aim account, then cussed at my friends at school. noww, im in a huge fight with her. idk what to do.

samira: get over it!
me: why should i?
samira: mhmm, idk. mabye your pathedic.

happy st. patrick day!


Saturday, March 16 March 16, 2008

Posted by sarah in General.
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hey everybody. it’s sarah. i’m doing my science homework, which im trying to type a science finale study guide for my final next week. science is my least favorite subject out of all of my classes. my science teacher always smiles. example, me: my goldfish died. science teacher: *smiles* i’m terribly sorry. 


p.s. i finished my hww.

Friday, March 14 March 15, 2008

Posted by sarah in General.

my name is sarah. i’m generally shy, but can be random at times. i won’t be making post as much because of school and i’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend this year. i’ll have homework and school projects, of course 🙄 ahaha.

today is officialy pi day. pi, greek letter π, is the symbol for the ratio of circumference of a circle to its diameter.  pi day is celebrated by many math teachers in the world on march 14, which is today. in math, i didnt learn about pi, but i ate pie, which i had a choclate pie. *ymmy*

pi = 3.1415926535 . . .